How to Play

Make clothes out of food, lie on top of cars, dance with animals, try bagism, make a ketchup fight, follow a random passerby through the city, remote control your parents, invent your own Live Art form of sports, search for miracles, walk through London with a map of Paris, invent an alter ego of the opposite gender, make teddy bears fly, deconstruct electrical devices, and build what-happens-next-machines!

PLAYING UP takes the form of a game played by adults and kids together. Players are presented with a pack of cards, organised using six different categories which cover different fields of Live Art:
Each card raises a question that is important to Live Art, references a specific piece of Live Art, and gives an instruction that is inspired by that piece.
To play up basically means select a card, read it out loud and follow the instruction.

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Play a free test game with these six exemplary cards.
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